About us

Good on you for making it to the About Us tab of the Kooyonga Creek website. We respect that part of your shopping journey includes meeting your makers to determine whether our vibe matches the values you believe in.

We contemplated the typical 'come meet our family' narrative that most wineries will share with you. Unfortunately they all came out sounding a bit dull or overworked. That's not to say we're boring; we're just not that good at talking about ourselves without feeling a bit silly. It's likely this is a family trait we inherited from Barry. Barry is a winemaker and the creator of Kooyonga Creek. He's been perfecting his vintages for almost 20 years with the solid belief that the quality of his drop speaks for itself.

We would have to agree. You don't need to learn about our family history to know that Kooyonga Creek is great; that's for you and a date to decide over a glass or two.

As a wine appreciator like you already knows, there is a lot of good Victorian wine out there. We are a foodie state - arguably the foodie state of Australia - with an excellent palette and exceptionally high standards for good food and wine. We couldn't survive this competitive market without living up to the Victorian standard, which is why there is no such thing as an average glass of Kooyonga Creek wine.

You will want to give Kooyonga Creek a try because Kooyonga Creek is the new friend you've been meaning to make. There are few friends like wine that will inspire memorable conversations, situations and memories. Equally important, there is no other friend as loyal and reliable. In good days, mediocre and bad, Kooyonga Creek is always here for you, standing by your side.

Now, because you are a well-informed foodie we know you need the finer details of how this winery operates. We agree that transparency is important for strong governance and good viticulture.

Please see below for more information about Kooyonga Creek's terroir, our sustainability initiatives and confirmation that our wine is vegan. (Yes, we know this is the main reason why anyone checks the about section of a wine website. We don't have a sustainability officer but we do have a well-intentioned millennial who cares about this stuff as much as you do and yes, we do what she says to avoid being given reusable coffee cups for Christmas.)


The winery and vineyard are located in the foothills of the Alpine Ranges of North East Victoria. The winery is 20 acres planted with equal areas of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. First plantings were in 2000.

The climate in this region is mild so there is a long growing season to provide our grapes the time needed to develop intensity and complexity. Location is everything and being blessed with pure air all year round has a tremendous impact in the crisp finish for our white wines.


As a vegetarian/vegan you are one of the few who has done the research and knows that alcohol is sometimes filtered through fish scales or egg shells. It doesn't sound possible that it's part of the process, does it? We can confirm for you that this is not the case at Kooyonga Creek and that our wine is 100 percent vegan.